1. Rhonda moreland says:

    My friend has 2 dogs. She volunteers in her own home with her local cat rescue. The dogs regularly lick the kittens bums. My friend says that the dog are toileting the kittens! I have no idea what she means, do you?

    1. Hi there, our love and respect to you and your friends. it’s nice to know there is such care for pets worldwide. Your friend is right about dogs toileting kittens. Actually, kittens have trouble cleaning bums on their own. They can not clean it like a grown cat. So yeah, after the kitten pooped, the remaining residue in its bum attracts the dog. And you probably know dogs love cat candy AKA cat poops. Cats food contain higher levels of protein. So, it is yummy for the dog to lick the kitten’s bum after it pooped. I hope you understand what your friend talked about. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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