1. Katie Campbell says:

    Hi, I have a spur-thigh tortoise and this spring he emerged from hibernation with what appears to be white splodges on the edges of his shell at the back and side – I assumed it was paint or whitewash, which he may have rubbed against while hibernating against a wall and tried to rub them off but they appear to be part of the shell- perhaps a growth or fungus. Any suggestions as to what it could be and what I should do about them. I got the tortoise 25 years ago but the breeder had no idea how old he was then as they’d bought him from another.

    1. Hi there Katie Campbell,

      Without seeing it, it is hard to tell what exactly it is. Usually, white spots on a tortoise’s shell can be caused by mineral deposits, shell rot, or shedding of the skin and scutes. So, checking with a veterenian would be the best option. And avoid attempting to remove the splodges yourself, as you are not sure what it is. In the meantime, ensure the tortoise’s enclosure is clean and provides appropriate temperature and humidity levels.

      Also, you can check this article on the similar matter: Turtle Shell Turning White Hope this will help.

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